Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Kyocera ceramic potato peeler

I'm reliably informed that the Kyocera ceramic potato peeler is in the world of the potato a force to be reckoned with. Its ergonomic design coupled with its ceramic blade make it almost unstoppable. They also cost a bloody fortune and happen to be a firm favourite with Mrs D.

A little over a week ago I took on the task of preparing my cheese sandwiches for the following days work. Always one to look for ways to simplify, I caught sight of the mighty Kyocera and in a split second decided this would be the ideal cheese slicing tool. Turns out the Kyocera isn't that mighty, nor is it's razor sharp ceramic blade.

Mrs D didn't take the news very well, not very well at all to be honest. The demise of her trusty spud peeler seemed to upset her more then a tad. I tried to make things better, I really did. But despite repeatedly telling her it must have been crap to snap on a peace of soft cheese, she was still upset.

Skip forward a week and my most wonderful mother in law decided she would give her  Kyocera ceramic potato peeler to Mrs D. A mother can see sadness in her daughters eye and she clearly understood the recent loss Mrs D had suffered.

Once in a great while I think it's important to treat your loved ones. Sometimes with big things, sometimes with just a simple little gesture. With that in mind I decided today I was going to cook the wife a nice Sunday roast, this would of course include my soon to be world famous roast potatoes.

Be careful with that thing, Mrs D yelled as I grasped the Kyocera ceramic potato peeler firmly in my hand. As the ceramic blade sliced through helpless potato I remember thinking this really is effortless. Then it snapped, it bloody snapped!!! Not on cheese, oh no, on a potato. For the love of God, what use is a potato peeler that falls apart every time it gets near a potato?

Needless to say my wife is now in a state of moderate to extreme distress. No matter how many times I repeat the clear flaw in the kyocera (it's crap and they keep falling apart) Mrs D still seems to be upset. I just had to fork out another tenner for yet another kyocera ceramic potato peeler. Lets hope no one needs to touch the dam thing or it will most surely dismantle its self and as is always the case, it'll be my fault.            


Friday, 29 October 2010

That bloody windscreen

So thanks to a recent insurance quote (the bastards) it has been necessary to revert back to a bike and sell the little old Clio just in time for the impending winter rain and ice. My first thoughts on this are quite simply, bugger!!!

My weapon of choice? the Honda CB250 complete with top box and at least for the moment, a windscreen. Now please understand, I love bikes, I always have. Deep down I'd rather be on two wheels almost every time. Granted out of preference it would be a GSXR 750 (or something of that ilk) but a bike all the same.

So why the CB250 and more importantly why the top box and that bloody windscreen. I find myself asking myself this question as I do the realisation has dawned on me that its practical and should do exactly what I want it to. That's about as simple as it is.

I'm not really sure when the change happened. When the practicality of something such as a bike became more important then the pure style of the thing. Of course I'd still love the GSXR but as a winter hack to run me to and from work I hoping the CB has been a wise choice. As is mostly the case, time will tell. One thing for sure is Jack loves it.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Top tips for the end of the day and top tips for the beginning of the day. Great to practice.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Dip and dazzle

I got the chance to per-chase a nice new netbook for the Mrs today, its a lovely feeling being able to give and I've got to admit nowadays I get the chance to do it once in a while. So as I write this Mrs D is sat next to me filled with glee installing the various programs necessary for a happy netbook user. My plan is once I finish blogging I will bust out the Ben and Jerry's ice cream and chill for the rest of the night. Life is indeed quite good. However, if you had asked me how things were going a few hours ago, I may well have told you to go get fucked.

As we set off on our merry way with the mid afternoon sun shining, I had no idea what was to come. The plan was simplicity in it's self. "Nip" into pc world and grab the netbook of choice. I'd done my home work and knew exactly what I wanted. Then we were heading for the woods so the boy could trundle about on his bike for a while.

The initial signs were good, we were welcomed with a hearty smile and the offer of a "free" prize draw. As Mrs D took care of the prize draw issue I headed to the netbook area and zoomed in on the machine of choice. Then I waited. I waited, and I waited a bit more. Eventually one of pc worlds finest seemed to break into a walk and started to head my way. As he homed in on me I got the feeling that at least one of his eyes were pointing in the right direction, the other I couldn't be sure of. Dip and dazzle sprung to mind.

I have that one I said, not in stock said he. OK, fair enough, I'll have that one. Again dip and dazzle informed me (this time with a smile) it's sold out. He then went on to explain I could have one of the ex display slightly scratched  machines if I wanted. A little crest fallen I said OK, what discount can you offer me? No discount, he told me (still smiling) but I can offer you £10 reduction on a case for it. What joy.

After about ten minutes I worked out dip and dazzle wasn't going to budge so I moved on to a manager, I was sure fairness would win the day. Shortly after I found myself dragging Mrs D and the boy out of the shop so we could head to another shop and get the dam netbook we wanted. Only as we were getting in the car did Mrs D point out it was Sunday and everywhere would be closed in the next fifteen minutes.

I trudged back into pc word a beaten man. In the end I spent £80 more then I wanted and for the pleasure received a half price netbook case. The joy of this was only surpassed when we got home and opened the box to find a free netbook case included. Mrs D is however very happy with her new netbook and I'm going to eat some ice cream.         

Friday, 22 October 2010

Things just an't the way they seem.

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Wednesday, 20 October 2010


So, today was quite an important day for me, or at least it was supposed to be. For the last few months I've been waiting for today to come along so I could get some stuff sorted out. Nothing mind blowing, just stuff. Did I? No, I most certainly did not. Turns out I now going to have to sit it out until next year. The word bugger springs to mind.

So I once again stand at a cross roads. Do I spend the next few days doing all I can to slip into slip pity and play the victim? Or do I simply recount my blessings and get on with living my life. The answer would and indeed is obvious, but that in no way guarantees I will trudge the obvious and easier road.  This recount your blessings thing is a lot simpler then it sounds.

Seems to me that all this makes very little difference when it comes down to the reality I find myself living in. That reality, my truth, just happens to be that I'm fundamentally a lazy little sod who will if given the choice, always opt for the easier softer option. Turns out the easier softer option involves letting go and trudging on. Good enough.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

No fruit was thrown

So, as some of you folk will know, I've recently started studying with the open university. Today I had my first face to face tutorial and I've got to say I was a little on the nervous side. In fact I was some what pooping myself. Its an odd thing that I can still generate such high levels of fear and anxiety in myself before anything actually happens. It took my right back to my first day at Uley primary school when I didn't want to let go of my Mums hand at the school gate.

Anyho, despite the above I showed up and made my way to the allocated room. This in its self turned out to be quite a thing due to Bournemouth University having a bloody open day. Every one and there dog had surely turned up  and the place was packed. Joy, pure joy. When I eventually got to where I needed to be it turned out to be quite pleasant. Nobody, and I mean nobody stood up and screamed "get out you evil bastard" no fruit was thrown, not even so much as a grape. People were simply friendly and helpful.

So very often my idea of how things are going to pan out seems to be a little off centre. In fact most of the time I'm nowhere near. This is indeed a good thing, I just need to remember it a bit more often.    

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Spent a few hours at longleat today. While jack went to look at the lions with his nan and grandad I got to spend a bit of time alone with the wife. It kind of highlighted how little time I get to spend with Mrs D without the ever present boy. Don't get me wrong, I really wouldn't have it any other way, but it was quite nice for a little while.

We set off about the maze with that age old how hard can it be attitude. Some time latter we finally found our way out. This really was a case of good luck rather then good guidance. Moments latter I found myself climbing into one of those bounce you about like a bastard simulators fighting the urge to chuck my guts up.

All in all we probably spent an hour or so wondering about the place holding hands and acting almost like a couple with no kids. It was nice for a while and my hope is we will do it again, least we not forget each other.

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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Never darken our doorstep again

Whoever come up with the concept of Sunday being a day of rest, was indeed wise and no mistake. I have an idea it was God or maybe one of them folk in the Bible. To be perfectly honest I'm not sure and in this case, I don't care that much. What I do care about, is this morning I've been able to hit the recline button and chill right out.

In other news I've started working on a degree with the OU. Big stuff for someone who was asked to leave school early and told to never darken our doorstep again. Of course started is all I've done so far, but start I have. Truth is, right here right now I haven't got a clue if I'll make it to a degree, but trust me when I say, I'll try.

Seems to me that all I've done over the last few years is try, try honestly and try my best and it's been OK. In fact it's better then OK, It's been quite amazing, mostly. So maybe for me things are just as simple as trying my best and living with the results. I guess as long as it really is my best at any given point, I'll be OK.      

Friday, 8 October 2010

Lots O Hugging Bear

It was with a degree of glee I finished my Friday night fish and chips and settled down with the boy and Mrs D to watch toy story three. As I flicked my trusty recline button I knew the next hour and a half would be filled with mirth and merriment for the whole family.

What I failed to take into account are the hundreds of anti piracy trailers that have so often flicked before my eyes. Surely in this day and age its not a problem?

Truth is, the fact that we were sat watching a less the original copy made absolutely no difference what so ever. The picture quality was good, the sound quality was good and as expected, the entertainment was great...............

But not for long. Sixty minutes into what I believe to be a ninety minute movie, things changed, and not in a good way. As the sad clown explained just what sunny side was all about  and reviled to all the evil that is "Lots O Hugging Bear", the bastard thing crashed!! Oh how we laughed.......

I can't help thinking that maybe, just maybe there is a message in amongst all this. Possible that this poetic justice thing is simply a bit of a fucker, or possibly its something else. Maybe with a bit more practice I'll work it out.   

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Funny that.

It was less then a week ago when the Dobbo household found its self inflicted with two, yes two hefty utility bills. Being the responsible adult in the house, I sat down with Mrs D and read the riot act. I discussed at length the importance of watching every penny and between us we made a pact to up our game where. Spending money is concerned. That was last Thursday.

Friday I found myself filled with glee as the back box fell off my car making it sound just like a world war two tank. £60.

Saturday as we drove to London discussing the tiny chip on the windscreen I found myself weeping with joy as a passing truck flicked a stone slightly smaller then a house at us making a £100 insurance excess quite likely.

Sunday brought me the joy of a Natwest cash machine taking £50 out of my account but not giving me a single penny, obviously!!!

Funny that, eh?

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