Thursday, 16 September 2010

Just another drunk.

A letter from a group in Chicago was mailed to Bill W. in 1960, taking his inventory.
This was Bill’s response. Bill was 26 years sober at the time. “That you seemed disillusioned with me personally may be a new and painful experience for you but many members have had that experience with me. Most of their pain has been caused not only by my several shortcomings but by their own insistence on placing me, a drunk, trying to get along with other folks, upon a completely illusionary pedestal; a station which no fallible person could possible occupy.” “I’m sure that you will understand that I have never held myself out to anybody as either a saint or a superman. I have repeatedly and truthfully said that A.A. is full of people who have made more spiritual progress than I ever, or can make. That in some areas of living I have made some decided gains but in others I seem to have stood still. And in still other ways I may have gone backwards. I am sorry that you are disillusioned with me but I am happy that even I have found a life here.” Bill Wilson 1960

I've often wondered what it must have been like for old bill. A whole fellowship looking to him for guidance when all he wanted to be was an AA member, just another drunk. I guess it had to be someone and I've got to say, I'm glad it was him.
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