Tuesday, 21 September 2010

I've lined them both up for examination

I wonder why it is that sometimes the simplest of decisions can take up so much head space. A case in point is a case for my phone. As previous readers will know I recently became the owner of a iphone 4, much to the dismay of Mrs D. Of-course being a responsible chap I purchased a suitable case to protect said item from the perilous world at large and set about forging a happy life with my new phone.

Then along came apple with a free case for every iphone owner. Why not I thought, what harm can it do, after all it won't cost a penny. If only things were that simple, you see what apple did with this freebie was give me a choice. A choice where there was no necessity, bastards! The result is I've spent the last two hours trying to decide what case to put on my phone. I've lined them both up for examination, tested them for weight, flexibility and general looks. The end result? I've left the dam phone exactly as it was before in the case I started with.

Things of this ilk have so very often been the case for me. The more choice I have, the more I'm likely to over analyse and complicate. You should see me in burger king, I know what I like but will still spend twenty minutes thinking about having something new. In the end I always end up with a quarter pounder. I guess in some ways this is a good thing, I'm generally very happy with my life and mostly it feels like I've made the right choices along the way. So  I think I'll try and keep it that way, same phone case, same quarter pounder same smile.