Wednesday, 4 August 2010

littered with folk

I wonder who the bright spark was that pointed out lifeboats are not needed on an unsinkable ship? Or the young feller me lad who highlighted the safety factors linked to giant airships filled with hydrogen, possibly followed by the "what can possibly go wrong" line. History has for sure been littered with folk of this ilk, the people who simply can not see the obvious. I mean, hydrogen, come on, did no one notice it's burn like a bastard side? 

Clearly the world wouldn't be at the point it is today without the mad little buggers who said "It'll be fine, don't worry" but where do we stop? At what point is it OK for someone to say "your nut's, piss off" And if we did, would they listen? Whoever they are.
I blame the yes men, the folk who surround the folk with the stupid ideas and call them geniuses. When Hitler said I fancy invading Poland next Thursday, who was his knob of a mate who said good plan dude. All the while shuffling away muttering how he always thought poundland was shit anyway. So to all the yes men out there, how about once in a while saying no, just for a change. Maybe you'll be surprised.