Sunday, 22 August 2010

Air show time

The last three days in this town have been utter madness. Bournemouth gets like that in the summer and its well expected, but at air show time thousands of people descend on the town for whats normally a great few days. But not this year, no sir, not in any way. For this year the heavens opened and the clouds dropped making it all but impossible to carry on safely.

Memories of the 1910 Bournemouth air show and the sad demise of Charles Rolls, the co-founder of Rolls Royce could well have been in the minds of our local council, or not. He was killed in a plane crash at the International Aviation Meeting. Charles has the dubious pleasure of being what is believed to be the first British airman to die in an air crash. Can't help thinking that's a little on the ironic side when you consider the affect Rolls Royce has had on aviation. 

To be honest, its probably a blessing in disguise. We took Jack to see an F16 on Friday and the poor little chap screamed his head off all the time it was in the air. Still you have to feel a little sorry for the droves who came here for a weekend of flight filled joy and left soggy and bereft of joy. Anyway, to the best of my knowledge no one crashed and no one died. Clearly we must have progressed at least a little since  Charles Rolls took to the sky with that devil may care indestructible attitude. Daft sod. Lets hope we do better next year eh?