Sunday, 18 July 2010

Time for some sleep I think.

For the first time in longer then I can remember, I can't get to sleep!!! This used to be such a big deal for me and to be honest, I'm not overly happy about it right now. Especially since I need to drive to Brighton tomorrow and it's a meeting I can't get out off. I guess my cunning plan to have a little nap this afternoon has bitten me in the arse some what.

So what of today? well, to say I've been a little on the edge would be quite an understatement, something on par with Dillinger robbed a bank or two me thinks. The truth of the matter is I've spent a good part of the day so far up my own arse, it's been hard to see whats been going on in the world. Although I must admit it's been warm, if a little muggy. Generally when that sort of day comes along I manage to simply keep my mouth shut, but not so much today.

Anyho, today has now been yesterday for the last two and a half hours so I guess I should get over it and plod on with the day in hand, or at least the night in hand. And of course I'd do that if I could get to bloody sleep. Maybe counting sheep is the answer..... One, two, three, four, five.... No that's not working so what now? Ive had a look on facebook and no one is about, I've done the same on twitter with the exact same results and to be quite frank, I can't be bothered to talk to myself because I always know what I'm gona say.

Maybe now I can shut this thing down and go to bed, per chance even sleep. Before I do I'm going to leave you with on of my all time great jokes.
Two cows are standing in a field and one turns to his mate and says "Moooooo"
Instantly his mate turns back and says "you bastard, I was going to say that"
Time for some sleep I think.