Friday, 9 July 2010


Sat down tonight to catch up with some work on the laptop and soon found myself having problems installing a driver I needed. No problem I thought, before I let it piss me off, I'll get the Mrs to help me out (she's normally quite good with this sort of stuff). Moments later my beloved laptop is spewing smoke and flashing like a demented banshee. By the look of things it's a short on the connection for the screen, my hope is the warranty will cover it and the good folk at Curry's can sort it out quickly. In truth, I fucking doubt it.

So here I am with no laptop, safe and secure in the knowledge that any repairs will more then likely end up with me losing every bit of information I have on the thing. I use my laptop a lot and right about now I've got a bit of a withdrawal thing going on. Thankfully I still have my trusty iPhone. If anything happens to that I will in all probability set out on a killing spree to rival anything that has gone before.

Tomorrow morning I will put my best smile on and trudge off down the road to curry's. Hoping for the best, I fully expect some little git is going to find a way to try and charge me an arm and possibly a leg to get my laptop fixed. Let's hope not eh?

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