Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The smiley folk

So a replacement for our beloved ford escort has now been found. The weapon of choice in the Dobbo household is now the cutting edge of Japanese technology, The Nissan Almera. A lustful little best with a 1.4 fuel injected power plant to rival even the biggest pushbikes on the road. Suspension and road handling has (I suspect) been over seen by the ferry technicians at P&O with the internal trim  clearly designed by one of those monks who spend all day looking at rocks..... And I love it, and I'll tell ya why.

Historicaly I have almost always found buying a new car to be massively stressful. Avid readers will have seen me blog about this before, but not this time. This time I would almost go as far as to say, it was enjoyable. Except of course for those bastards at the insurance company.

Last night we loaded up the little old Cleo with the Dobbo family and set off to have a look at the Almera. With hope in our hearts we arrived to be greeted by what I would simply describe as a nice lady. While Mrs D and Jack sat in the front room chatting and playing I was treated to an overview of the car and offered a test drive by said nice Lady's Dad, he to was a very nice man. As I wallowed in niceness I made my way through the check list I had cunningly complied with the help of honest

Shortly after we agreed a deal and I was on the phone to the insurance company (Bastards). The journey home proved uneventfully and up to now the as yet unnamed Almera has shown its self to be just about exactly what we were looking for. So now I find myself asking the question, can it be this simple? Is that it? Are we now to simply enjoy years of trouble free motoring like the smiley folk we see in the TV adds? Truth is, I havent got a clue. What I do know, is right here right now things are OK.