Saturday, 31 July 2010

A quite frankly obvious step

Remember when you were at school and people told you to make the most of it because life gets harder when you get older? Well I heard that to, and to be honest thought it might be a bit of a miss truth, bullshit even.  At forty two I'm starting to think there might have been a grain of truth in what those folk said. So, if indeed this is the case, surly the answer can be found in the tireless pursuit of childhood and the simplicity there in.

I guess before this simple, and quite frankly obvious step is taken it might be well to briefly consider just exactly what my childhood was like. My early memories were for sure good and although ma and pa split up when I was little, I know they both loved me very much and as I lurched into primary school things continued in a similar vain, generally good.

Then came my early teens, and trust me when I tell you, something changed, big time. All of a sudden things seem to stop fitting and the stuff the once seemed so simple slipped into the distant past. When I stay stopped fitting I taking a bit things like my feet, legs, arms etc. All previous co-ordination slipped away and the desire to sleep became overwhelming. Also, as hormones flooded my body the desire to do other stuff became overwhelming to, but that's a different story.

The thing is, as I look back on my childhood, it's easy to think it was all sunshine and happiness. The truth is that although it had is great points, often it seemed nothing short of hard fucking work, and I don't much like hard fucking  work. Before my teens I had no say, during my early teens no one would listen and by the end of my teens I couldn't be arsed anyway.

So, is reverting to childhood the answer? to be honest, I don't really think so. For me the answer is in finding a balance between behaving like a kid, and behaving like an adult. More often then not I seem to screw it up, but I'll keep trying safe and secure in the knowledge I'll get it right from time to time, and when I do it really is a great feeling.