Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The nut house

So back to work I went and on day two I can't help thinking!!! Talk about hitting the ground running. I guess in truth that's one of the things I like about my job, the chaos. I can say without a doubt, I ain't got a clue what the next day will bring. So back at it and on I trudge, not so much in porridge any more, but never the less still trudging.

A few days off has really highlighted how much I enjoy spending time at home with Jack. I think it's partly because I can act like a little kid and partly because I still feel a bit guilty about not being around for Kyle and Luke. Avid readers of my blog will at this point note I seldom mention my two older sons. This is mostly down to me trying my best to run with the amends process and get to know them both again (hopefully) at their pace, not mine. My desire to manipulate situations is still far to strong.

In other news, my beloved laptop is still missing in action. It seems the doctor folk have been trying to collect it from the greatest minds Curry's could muster all to no avail. Turns out The name on the laptop (mine) didn't match up with the name on the collection sheet. Lets all join together in a collective prayer that these numb skulls don't decide an airline pilots job is the way to go. Amen