Monday, 12 July 2010

Four day weekend is over

Well here we are, rolling to the end of what has been a great four day weekend. So good I might even do it again. Its funny that if I put just a little bit of effort in, I can easily find some stuff to piss and moan about, laptop dieing etc. But why should I? tell me why? No, I can't think of one good reason either. You see, that's often been my trouble, I'll spent time searching for things to grump about instead of enjoying life as it is. Sounds dumb when I see it in front of me.

Any ho, the long weekend is over and tomorrow I trudge back to work. I guess it's a good thing I happen to have a job I really enjoy. Saying that, I may not have the same view by the time I finish tomorrow tea time. Time will, as always, tell. Just before I go, I heard another great Homer quote yesterday. He said, "Who made you Judge, Judy and executioner?" As always, wonderful.