Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Whats cool?

In a world of gun happy taxi drivers and baby hungry foxes it can be quite hard to look on the bright side, sometimes to even see a positive in anything. But look for a positive I will, and by the power of Thor, find one I will. Where can this power of the positive be found you may well ask, well I'll tell you. The upcoming release of the iphone 4, could do the trick. If you need to know how, you clearly ain't see the thing. Truth of the matter is, sadly it's gona be a while before I get my hands on one, if ever. However, that won't stop me drooling over it like some demented mac obsessed geek.

But what if the iOS4 can't be acquired? what then? As time has slipped by in it's usual undercover way I have started to realise that although cool stuff is cool, that's about all it is. Sure, if it happens to have a semi munched piece of fruit on it the rules change a bit. But ultimately its still just really cool stuff. So what else? What is cooler than mad Mick mac cool from the clan mac cool?

Waking up without fear, knowing I have my family close by, friends, good health, a baby son to play with me, two grown up sons who I still have contact with, a job, a place in this world, etc,etc,etc. The list seems able to carry on as long as I do, ever changing, ever growing. Of course I love cool gadgets and there can be no doubt i'm a geek deep down, but gadgets as cool as they are mean very little when you stack them along side the real life stuff. It's the people who make life special, it always was and I pray it always will be.