Monday, 14 June 2010

Wet paint, do not touch

Been spending the last day or so working on a new blog/web page all the time wondering if its what I want. Well it's almost done and I've come to the conclusion it's a hassle I most surely don't need. Because of this eventually reached conclusion, I've deleted the jimdo site and decided to stick with blogger. At least for now.

I can from time to time be prone to this sort of bright idea. I want somewhere to blog, get it, build it up, like it, then for almost no apparent reason decide it's not good enough any-more. Thankfully nowadays I do this far less then in the past and often catch myself before I manage to do any real harm. Trust me when I say this wasn't always the case. I have a long history of not so bright Ideas, "don't touch, wet paint" has always been a sure thing for me getting not only painted hands, but also resentful at the bastard who didn't provide ample warning.

So I can't help thinking what it is inside me that makes it an absolute necessity to touch that wet paint, hot stove, electric fence etc, etc. Why is it that as soon as I'm told no, everything inside me screams yes? And is that normal? You see I'm tempted to say it's not normal, but I'm not so sure any-more. I guess it depends on the company you keep.

Ask a porn star about getting done up the bum with another in the ear and she will more then likely simply nod and smile. Ask the same question to Betty at the knitting club and you might need to call an ambulance, of maybe not depending on the road Betty travelled. The point is this, the company we keep and the way they behave, is a good measure of our own standards. If I hang about with a bunch I nut, nut piss-heads, I better get used to drinking. If however I decide to chose my friends carefully and look to the people who have something I want, well it might just rub off a little on me. As for the wet paint, I fully expect the next time I see it, I'll touch it. That's just the way it is with me.