Sunday, 6 June 2010

Phase three

So I made it to phase three of my fiendish plan for world domination, or to put it another way, survived the weekend. Its been long but as it turns out, immensely enjoyable. For-sure it was touch and go this morning, at one point I thought Mrs D would explode in a fireball of frustration as we battled to get Jack ready and out the house. Needless to say we did (eventually) get out and with no fireballs. Its truly amazes me the effort involved in getting two adults and one child out before mid morning. To all those out there with bigger family's, my hat is off to you.

The plan was to attend two, yes two birthday party's. Unfortunately, I failed in my efforts. We did however get to one and it was great. I watched as Jack bounced, rolled and slipped his way around one of those soft play areas for most of the afternoon. It was amazing to see him playing with the other kids at the party. I even managed to keep right out of the way, at least for most of the time. It's most surely underlined to me the importance of making sure I let Jack spend more time with other kids and stop hovering over his every move in case he gets hurt.

I started Friday morning with the prospect of two weddings, a full day of committee meeting and two children's birthdays all within three days. Despite the possible nightmare it may involve, I did my best and had a go. Turns out its been a great few days and I'd even do it all again, just not for a while.