Friday, 4 June 2010

Phase one

So day one of my predicted flat-out weekend seems to have been survived. I've got to admit its been OK. Wedding number one passed without incident, almost. I didn't get to the service and I'm told this was almost the case with the groom who, held up in traffic turned in a little late. I went along for a while to the reception a couple of hours latter. It's great to turn up at this sort of thing just as the folks are starting to get a little on the jolly side, today my timing was spot on. A hour latter I got out of Dodge in the safe and secure knowledge my Jolly workmates would soon be totally bladdered.

Wedding number two was a different affair in most every way you could imagine. We only went along for an hour with the intention of leaving our congratulations, yet ended up staying nearly four hours. Most of the time was spent running round a big sports field playing with Jack and watching him play with the other children. It was fun and the time simply flew by. Both myself and Mrs D even seemed to make friends with what I would refer to as a normal couple with a lovely little daughter who played with Jack for hours.

Phase one of my three day weekend adventure is a done deal and its been pretty good. I love the fact that two of my friends got married today and were kind enough to want me around to celebrate. My day was only slightly improved with the ice cream my buddy bought me on the way home. All I need to do now is get Mrs D off the computer and in to bed to prepare for phase two, the London trip tomorrow.