Wednesday, 16 June 2010


So what about God? Now that's a fully loaded question if ever I've heard one. Seems to me that for as long as man has shuffled about this planet, he has tried to work out what, or who God is. It also seems like he's spent a fair amount of time fighting about his findings too.

I'm not going to start a ramble about what I think God is, or for that matter isn't. What I will say is I'm fairly sure what ever God is, it's not me.

I do believe if we have any sort of conception of God, it's our job to keep it attractive. The moment any idea is forced on me, I off. But show me with your actions, and if I like what I see, I might just stick around.

If the God you have in your life is a Loving and forgiving one then surely that has to come out in the way you conduct your self. If however your God is angry, punishing and a little off key from time to time, well you might just be that way to. It's not for me to choose how people believe and in truth it's none of my concern. However, please choose wisely because it might turn out to be important.