Friday, 18 June 2010

Getting smaller.

The idea was raised tonight, that Magnum ice-creams are getting smaller as time goes on. I must admit I feel woefully unaware of such a thing, I am however in the loop (as they say) around the sad demise of the once great wagon wheel.

An inch and a half of chocolate infused glee with the circumference of a scania steering wheel, these things were indeed a sight to behold. I've heard tell of small families surviving for literally minutes on a single wagon wheel, a feat you would be hard pushed to manage today.

It seems to me that many of the things in this world that were once so great have slipped away possibly never to return. A classic example of this greatness must surely be the late Mr Isambard Kingdom Brunel. For-sure the legacy left behind by this man can never be disputed as anything less then quite good really. But what else, what made him so great, such a legend?

The answer seems quite simple, almost to obvious. As clear as the nose on your face, or in the case of Isambard, his head. This man could wear hats that would have crushed the less stoutly in a second. They were mighty in a day when mighty was, well, mighty. Just take time to look at the iconic image to the right. His hat is bigger then his head for fucks sake!!

Even so I guess it's important to acknowledge that although a great man in hat wearing, he didn't do quite so well in the hight department. Although measured at an impressive six foot eight, it was latter discovered his actual hatless hight was four foot three. Nevertheless, he was a great man, a great short man.

So in an age where magnums and wagon wheels continue to get smaller, lets try and remember the legendary hat wearing skills of the late, great, small Isambard Kingdom Brunel. A tiny little man with a big fuckoff hat.