Wednesday, 19 May 2010

A simple pimple.

Two days ago I awoke to find what appeared to be a small pimple right on the tip of my fairly rounded nose. A pimple, no more, no less. I've had em before so I confidently predicted it would be gone within the day. My confidence turned out to be woefully misplaced. The following day this "pimple" seemed to have undergone some changes. It had grown up, it was no longer a simple pimple, it had graduated into a fully fledged spot. A spot right on the tip of my nose.

As you can probably imagine, this disturbed me more then a tad. I worked out (all on my own) that a full on attack was the only way to rid myself of this unwanted nose guest. Positioning myself in front of the bathroom mirror I set about the beast with vigour, determined to bring its short life to an explosive end. As tears streamed down my cheeks I held fast, took a deep breath, and pushed on. This seemed to vex the nose spot more then a little, in fact by the look of the thing, It was well and truly fucked off and clearly hell bent on revenge.

I left the house with a throbbing nose and a striking resemblance to one of Santa's reindeer. Driving to work (slightly cross eyed) I resided myself to the fact that this was a battle I could not win. With that in mind I decided to forget about the carbuncle and it's new home, I would just carry on with my day. If only it were that simple eh?

I work with people and a consequence of that is I have to, from time to time, talk to them. Today I had to talk to lots of people. It's a strange feeling when the person your talking to flat-out refuses to look you in the eye. I'm told the Lady's out there who are a little on the chesty side know about this. As the day went on I found myself starting every conversation with "have you seen this on my nose?" I would then slowly revert to crossing my eyes as the power of this mighty bastard drew the attention of each and every living creature blessed with the gift of sight.

It's been a long day. I still have beast pitched up right on the tip of my well rounded nose. It might be a long day tomorrow as well.