Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The search continues

So my search for the replacement of my dearly departed Micra continues. I've got to say the people i'm meeting along the way are both entertaining and annoying at the same time. I seems people with a car to sell are like that. Today's "seller" was no exception. Nor might I add was the 1999 Metro he had polished to within an inch of it's life.

She's a great little runner he told me, going on to point out just how shiny the British racing green body work was. Bless his little lying heart when I started to ask him about head gaskets and over heating problems. He simply told me that didn't happen on this model. After I gave him a short description of the K series rover engine, the reasons behind it's need for a new head gasket all to often and the fact that this was exactly what lay before us, he yet again refereed to the shiny paint work.

OK I said, lets go for a little run and see how it goes. I was keen to at least get the fan to cut in and have some water pumping around the thing. Alas, this was not to be. Dispute today's chosen "seller" booting the little 1100 down the road. The heater remained cold and the fan wouldn't cut in. In a last ditch attempt to make the sale, he drove me back to his car Lot.

As we got out the "sellers" partner in crime mooched towards us keen to point out what amazing paint work the little metro had. By this time I was just about done. I highlighted the years I spent valeting cars going on to say that the old line about no being able to polish shit, was in fact a load of bollocks. I also pointed out that who ever did this one had missed a bit and the wheel arch had polish left on it. Then I left the shiny little car for the next person. If it's you, take my advice, and remember, shit really can be polished.