Saturday, 1 May 2010

The replacement

So, as the result of my recently deceased Micra the search for a replacement has been on. A simple task I'm sure you must agree. The insurance company paid out within a couple of  weeks so all I needed to do was pick up a new motor, happy days.

Bollocks is it. Seems the world of second hand cars is a tad on the iffy side to say the least. Obviously once a car is put up for sale something deep down inside the seller clicks into lying, conning rip-off bastard mode. Now I'm not totally dumb, I worked in the motor trade for a few years and I know how it is, but I'm not talking about traders.

I went and looked at a car today. The dear old gent sat in his mobility scooter telling me what a gem of a motor it was. Bless his lying soul, he even went on to tell me how I couldn't go wrong with such a solid reliable piece of machinery. 100% reliable he told me.

As I climbed into this nineteen year old Fiat panda the words solid reliable piece of machinery flashed through my mind. A flick of the key and she spluttered into action, popping and banging as the whole mat black body shock with disgust. Through the smoke I heard a faint voice shout "nice runner, eh?" He then seemed to slip into a voice loop repeatedly requesting me to push to choke in and give her some gas.

Dispute the offer to take this fine piece of Italian wizardry out on Her Majesty's highway, I shut the bastard thing down and fled whimpering I'll let you know. No worries he said, If you decide to have her, she won't let you down. Seems to me this dear old chap is a bit of a fucker, quite a bit of a fucker actually.

Needless to say, I sit here tonight car-less. But the day really hasn't been a complete loss. The point isn't, nor has it ever been about other peoples honesty. I can't do a single thing to change the way they behave. What I can do is ensure I treat each and everyone with contempt and suspicion at all times.

If only it were that simple. I have to trust people in my life, I need to be able to give folk a chance, roll the dice once in a while and get screwed over every now and again. It's a bitch I know, but this is the world we all live in and all in all, it's not that bad.