Monday, 24 May 2010

Pink people are funny.

Pink people are funny. I live by the sea so I get to see lots of them and it never fails to amaze me. A flash of sun and tops are cast aside like lifeboats in a titanic builders shipyard. The good folk (and visitors) of Bournemouth then set about positioning themselves as close to the unshaded sun as possible. More often then not, a cunning plan will be hatched involving turning and oiling at regular intervals. This is when most people fall asleep and the toasting begins. The result of a two hour snooze under these conditions will always put a smile on my face, it can only be improved on when the dopey bastards have sunglasses on. The pink panda look is a wonder to behold.

Part of me thinks I should be saying its bad to have too much sun, but its so dam funny when people do. Its like the innocent pedestrian who bounces off an unseen lamppost or the pompous jogger plummeting down a unprotected open manhole. I wish no real harm to anyone, but if you are dumb enough to do it I need to thank you. The joy you have brought to my life is much appreciated so please keep it up.