Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The old gratitude thing

After a days work, I got home tonight to a roast dinner with the Mrs and my little lad Jack. After eating we all went for a walk in the woods next to our house where the little man spent an hour running around before going home on my shoulders. Both me and Jack then jumped in the bath and played boats and bubbles for a while. I then wrapped him up in a big white fluffy towel and gave him his bedtime bottle. At eight o'clock the three of us sat in Jacks bedroom as I read his bedtime book to him, then a kiss goodnight and his Mum put him to bed.

What a truly mind blowing life I have. I really have got the old gratitude thing going on right now. Not every day feels as great as tonight has, and why should it. I think the important thing is I stay awake enough to notice the great days when the do come along. I like being awake.