Sunday, 9 May 2010


I've said it once, and so help me I'll say it again Jack Bauer is one cool dude. In the word of fantasy and make believe a hero is so very, very important. I guess we all have then, heroes that is. But who are they? Who are the real ones? I know one thing for sure is that they change over time. Mine used to be people like Steve Austin (The Six Million Dollar Man) then as time went on they changed. I could go on to write a long long list of TV and move stars, musicians and like.

But what about the real people? The world of make believe is of-course a wonderful thing but we can only live in it for so long. It seems to me that searching for people in this world to look up to is not the important thing. Maybe the important thing thing is to try and be someone others can look to. I'm not talking about being perfect, nor a hero to one and all. Just doing the best we can, just trying, that's all. My heart was truly touched a few days ago when me and Mrs D were talking about our little boy Jack. "He's a real Daddy's boy she said, your his hero" That's amazing, I hope I can live up to it.