Sunday, 4 April 2010

Technology is so like this

Feet up, fluffy dressing gown on, Mrs D taken Jack to church playgroup when she goes to the Easter service and the GP on telly. Living the dream, or so i thought. Of course i didn't take in to account the bunch of total fuck wits that are the BBC. How i laughed to myself when a dozen laps from the end the BBC decide to pull the old switch to 2 trick on me to make way for "He has risen today" At this point i think i should also highlight, in my opinion, Virgin the makers of my V+ box are also knob heads.

After a frantic few minutes flicking buttons and trying to get the painfully slow BBC iplayer to work i  got to see the drivers press conference and there by fucked any real point in tracking down the last few laps. Technology is so like this. I'm a real fan of i players, delay TV, recordable TV and the like. In fact i'm the first to admit that in my old age I've become a bit of a geek. Take away my iphone and i would indeed be a disgruntled, mess with my laptop and the desire to break your fingers would become a real possibility.

But what when this technology lets me down? What when it turns on me? Well obviously the simple answer is we managed before we had our Tec, we could manage again. Surely we would be better just getting rid of it all and going back to basics. Saying goodbye to anything that starts with an "I", has an apple on it or a intel sticker.

What a load of bollocks. I remember what it used to be like, when making a phone call involved standing in a small piss soaked phone box. When the only way we could send photos etc was through the Mail, and that was hit and miss. Banking involved actually turning up at one of those God forsaken places and everyone demanded cash.

The technological age we live in today is a truly wonderful thing, of that i have no doubt. Lets not get so far up our own arse holes we forget what things were like only a few years ago. If only those bastards at the BBC could sort it out.