Sunday, 25 April 2010

Steam training

At the ripe old age of forty two I went on my first ever steam train ride today, and to make it a truly memorable event it was also Jacks first ever ride on one. Now please don't misunderstand me, i'm not the sort of person that gets excited over steam trains, although I'm led to believe they are out there. What I do enjoy however, is doing something for the first time with my son.

The journey to Swanage passed with little incident. Jack simply stood on my lap and enjoyed the ride. The return trip was however a little more fraught with peril. Turns out the folk sat in the seats directly behind us were what I would term local train folk. I had no chance to count, but I suspect each one of them had a minimum of six digits per hand. Or possibly per paw. I really have nothing against people of this ilk, but fuck me they really are odd.

It's a diesel one of the train folk squawked as another locomotive passed us by. It then went on to declare they would be running up to midnight in the next few weeks, giving one of those encouraging nods that say " come join us, I guarantee nothing will happen to you or your family". At that point I picked up my two year old son and took him for a gentle stroll in the opposite direction.

My wife, mother in-law and father in-law were all left to fend for themselves. I got off the train before anyone else and stood holding my son waiting for any sign of the remaining members of my family. Would I be bringing Jack up on my own from now on, would I be giving an interview to the News of the world before tea time, the headline Twilight Train strikes again.

No, no I would not. My family reunited, we headed off to Frankie and Benny's and sat down for a mighty feast. Apart from the standard fit-inducing black and white tiles they have in the toilets, I enjoyed the meal. Jack spent the time in sleep depraved insanity and we happily munched away. Now home safe and sound, I can't help thinking just how much my heart sings every time I do something new with my family. It really is very cool.