Saturday, 24 April 2010

So far, so good.

Thought I'd take a little time for a quick blog as I pad my way through another day. Ive enjoyed the sun and although I'm tempted to spend the day feeling sorry for myself ( I have a cold ) I've done my best.

I'm the sort of person who can turn a simple cold in to a case of walking death at the fick of a dime. Ofcourse my good wife is well awere of this and getting even a hint of simpathy is a mission in it's self. I don't know why, but simpathy when I'm I'll is very important. Anyway, I'm not getting much.

Despite the above, the day has so far been ok. I'm at home now with the boy playing away and the Mrs having a go at cooking something new. The success or failure of this venture will no doubt dictate the feel of our home for the rest of the night. Up to now, so far, so good.

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