Sunday, 11 April 2010

One of those weekends.

Feels like one of those weekends that are over all to quickly, i know this is almost always the case but the last couple of days have had the "flick to hyper drive" switch banged and no mistake. Jack and the Mrs being ill hasn't helped either.

The little fellow came out in spots a couple of days ago after being ill for a day or two before. Of course, in my usual way i slipped in to a gentle panic and promptly marched both Jack and Mrs D to the emergency Doctor. "It's fifty fifty but i'm fairly sure its chicken pox" we were told. Turns out now the diagnoses has changed today, now its a virus of unknown type of origin.

A virus of unknown fucking origin, i'm sure someone once said that about the black death!!! Yet oddly enough i'm not freaked out in my usual fashion. This is quite a strange thing for me, especially where Jack is concerned. The little spotty chap has been mostly fine in himself and that's good enough for me.

So, what about the rest of my weekend? Well to be honest i don't have much to report. Out on the pushbikes for a while and finally pulling my shorts out for the first time this year is about as exciting as it gets. I'm happy enough that my life seems to mostly run at a steady pace, i don't much like surprises and continuing to trudge suits me just fine.