Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Just growing up.

I grew up in the country side, the village I lived in was, and still is one of the highest points in the Cotswold's. Fantastic views and dam windy. A consequence of being a child in the seventies was being dressed by my parents. Now don't miss understand me, I truly believe to this day my parents loved me dearly. But what were they thinking when they sent me out to play in gigantic flairs and shirts with collars you could land a small jump jet on. I'd leave the house in what amounted to nothing less then a multi coloured polyester kite. I'm amazed they didn't give me a copper rod for good measure just in case a thunder storm turned up.

It often seemed during my childhood that my family made an effort, but never quite got it right. The school blazer I'd grow in to, but never did. My Grandad's brown shoes I slapped to my first day at secondary school in. The leather biker jacket I wanted for years arriving from littlewoods made of PVC. The list goes on, and so could I.

But i'm not going to. You see as time has gone by I've learned i'm not alone with embarrassing things parents do to there children. It's almost a requirement for parenthood. I'd love to say I won't embarrass Jack as he grows up, however, I will. But this is the thing, I'll love him every step of the way and do my best. This I believe is what my parents did for me and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for it.