Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Is it luck?

I'm one of them folk who truly enjoy F1 motor racing, to many (including Mrs Dobbo) a mind numbing possession of expensive cars every couple of weeks through the summer months. I'm not going to prattle on about F1 tonight, however, it has come to mind.

The reason behind this blog is a comment Ross Brawn made a few years ago. He was being interviewed about the success Michelle Schumacher was enjoying and about how much of it relied on Schumachers sometimes unbelievable luck. The reply Ross gave has given me hope time and time again.

"We don't believe in luck here at Ferrari" he said, "we see the concept in the following way, preparation waiting for opportunity".

Preparation waiting for opportunity, i like that. I like the fact that my life is not controlled by an endless trail of lucky and unlucky breaks. At least i like the fact i believe this to be true, its not even important if it is or not. We all have a part to play, a way we can edge the bets just a little in our favour. 

Why not try the concept and see how you get on.