Sunday, 28 March 2010

Loving the countryside

Growing up in the Cotswolds left me a country boy at heart no matter where I moved over the years, although in truth I moved very little. The final resting place for my hat has been up to now Bournemouth, and I really do love the place, but it's not the countryside. As I write this blog I find myself at my wonderful mother in laws home in Wiltshire. Before I go on I guess I should underline the fact that I am not being sarcastic when I call my mother inlaw wonderful, she really is a good old stick. Anyho, back to my country side point. There seems to be something about the whole out of everybodys way thing that sits nicely with me. It's not that I don't like being around other people, I mostly think they are ok. I think it's just I like to sit on my own from time to time and the countryside fits that quite well. So here I am, sat in a garden that rolls out in to an open field with hardly any other houses about. Quiet, peacefull and relaxed. Good enough.

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