Friday, 26 March 2010

Don't miss the obvious.

Seems to me that the negative things in the world are in our faces so much we can often miss the obvious. I got home today after a long week and prepared to pop my feet up and chill. As is normally the case i watched the Simpson's to aid my intellectual development, no problems there. Then came the news, this is more the wife's thing but sometimes i stick around in the vague hope I'll hear something new. I didn't. What i did heard however, was another daily round up of all the shit that's been happening in the world of late, joy. Now i know what your thinking, your thinking Dobbo, if you don't like it, turn it off. That my dear friend would indeed be a perilous thing to do when Mrs D is catching up on current affairs. Truth is i simply went outside and smoked a cigarette, some thing I'm about to stop doing yet again. I'd hit the evil weed on the head a few months ago but decided just one would do no harm and of i went again. Over Seven years in recovery from Drugs and Alcohol, just one of anything for me is a practical guarantee I'll keep going. Any ho, been on the old Champix and my stop day is tomorrow so I'll have another go. So back to my ramble about the shit on the news and not missing the obvious. The news, like my cigarette came and went. Michelle got Jack ready for bed and he had his night time milk. Then the three of us sat on the sofa in his room and read a story, and a great story it was. Now Jack has gone to bed and I'm relaxing for the night. A long week rolls to a wonderful end by simply sitting with my wife and son reading Hansel and Gretel. Obvious eh?