Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Do i worry too much?

Seems to me that from time to time i might just worry a little more then is healthy. Our two year old Jack (that's him on the left) is a great one for setting this off. I remember making a grab for a chip his Mum was giving him in Burger King once because it looked a little on the pointy side!! God forbid he get on a chair or go down a slide. Thankfully his Mum is a bit more willing to let the little fellow live life a bit and enjoy himself on the way.
My latest worry kicked into action about a week ago. The wife had Tweeted a photo of Jack laying out his blocks in a nice, neat straight line. She asked if anyone else thought he had an OCD and was answered back with "no but he might be autistic"
My keen and intellectual mind cut in and within moments i found myself on wiki, fast becoming an expert with the conclusion poor little Jack was doomed.
As it turned out i ended up phoning a friend who knows about this stuff, in fact its her Job. Don't worry Al she said, a lot of parents go on the Internet and self diagnose. I felt like a knob, again. A week latter my friend came round and after playing with jack for an hour told me he seems fine.
My point is this, i worry about things i care about. If that's the price i pay for caring then so what. For years and years i cared about nothing else but myself so to worry a little now is cool.
As it happens, tonight i'm not worried about anything, i hope that doesn't mean i don't care anymore.