Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Chocolate cornflake birds nest

Once in a great while i come across the sort of day i can only describe as a fucker, today was one of them. It was long man, long and at times hard going. Why? you may ask, well the truth is i don't believe it really matters, what matters is it came along and will again.
So, how do i deal with these days when they come? I'm not all together sure really, i just do. Pretty much like the rest of the word, of at least some of it. Or at least a little bit of it. I put one foot in front of the other and trudge. Sometimes i trudge slowly and sometimes i trudge slightly faster then slowly, never quickly. I have for a long time be a firm believer in the ambling along at a steady pace philosophy, it seems to work.
I remember just before i left rehab being asked what i wanted to do for a living, my response was to simply have a brush and sweep, slowly sweep. Brings to mind Triggers Broom, 17 new heads and 14 new handles.
So i finally make it home, home is a good place for me to be. It seems when I'm home there seems to be a lot less knob headism around. Turns out the wife has been making chocolate cornflake birds nests with the boy, his very first attempt at making any sort of food with mum. How amazing is that?
So now i'm sat in the comfort of my lovely reclined leather chair with a belly full of chocolate cornflake birds nest blogging. No matter what kind of day i have, no matter how long it gets and no matter how many knob heads i come across, one thing still stands true.... even if it takes a while, it always gets better.